About Us

Jizz is a decentralized financial system built for African people and businesses. As an Online Payment Gateway, Our mission is to solve the problem african people are facing in paying online or simply sending and receiving money globally and locally. At the same time we bring the answer to the challenge of buying and selling online in a fast way for business owners. By using strong technologies and digital systems we  offer a great opportunity to our customers to be part of the exciting opening to the world through Internet.

Through the Jizz Wallet platform, we globally connect all our customers with a cross currency system that allows anybody using it to succeed all kind of financial transactions. Our active customer care service and our well qualified and dedicated team of advisers and affiliates are always available for help and support.

Join our network and get the best experience of an inclusive financial service.


Our Services

Our services cover a wide range of financial services which include Online Payment Gateway, Wallet Management, Virtual Currency Exchanges (KAM, Bitcoin, Faircoin) and International Remittance (receive, send and withdraw) 

By providing to our customers a Jizz Wallet we offer a unique chance to join a huge network for circular economy.

Super fast payment

Send to anybody a payment at any time at a very low fees

Cheaper payment fees

Make your transactions at the lowest fees ever.

Send & Receive

Send and Receive money from your Jizz Wallet with anybody and everywhere.

Secure & Reliable

Based on strong technologies, the Jizz Wallet is a trustworthy digital platform. Your Wallet is safe and located backed by a constant security check up by our team.

Instant Transaction

Pay your bills, pay your services, pay your needs and goods instantly. From wallet to wallet, your payment of all kind can be done within a minute.

Deposits and Loads

Use our deposit methods to load and charge your wallet from anywhere. We accept deposit via Cash, Credit Cards, Paypal, Bitcoin and Faircoin.


  • Facilitate transactions between people and businesses. Pay, Receive, Send and Withdraw money from anywhere.

  • Offer an accessible and easy way to send and receive money globally in Africa and outside via Internet.

  •  Built and inclusive and circular economy based on a symbolic currency (KAM) to solve the issue of currency exchange.

  • Affiliate and gather all services and businesses around one safe and secure decentralized platform.

  • Easy access to economy and financial services without a bank account. Free access to online banking for everybody.


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